UPDATED: 02/11/21

Sabbath Worship – 11:00 am
Online services begin between 11:15am to 11:45 am.
Zoom Sabbath School classes moved to Meet & Greet at 9:15 am before dividing into the breakout rooms at 9:30am 


The Paradise Adventist Church is gathering together for in-person worship services on Sabbaths, weather permitting. Our services will be at 11:00 am outdoors on the east side of the church campus at 5720 Academy Drive in Paradise. This area provides a suitable space for allowing appropriate social distancing while we worship together. (When poor weather conditions force us inside, our meeting site will move to the PAA Gymnasium across the street at 5699 Academy Drive. Indoor CoVid mitigation measures will apply.)

Areas are spacious so that families can sit together and safely social distance from other family groups. Those who choose to remain in their vehicles will be allowed to park near to that area. Masks should be worn as family groups find their locations but are not required for the entire service. Bring your own chairs and blankets for seating. 

We strongly encourage members of our church family to safely consider for themselves if they will choose to attend.  We agree with the CDC that those who are at higher risk for contracting COVID-19 for various reasons may not be able to safely attend, but we respect your right to choose if in-person attendance is right for you.  We also ask that if you are experiencing any illness of any kind to please stay home.

We ask that personal greetings to each other be completed with respect to social distancing requirements.  Air hugs and other non-physical, friendly gestures are encouraged. Let your creativity flow as you find ways to share Christian greetings with each other while practicing social distancing! 

Please consult the emailed bulletin for necessary information about the worship services, including any lyrics for congregational singing. Participants will be asked to bring their own “printed” bulletin from the email, or to use their devices to reference the bulletin during the service. 

All worship service participants will be separated from the congregation by at least 13 feet, and a single use microphone process helps to reduce possible risk of sharing germs by service participants. The service is amplified by a sound system. 

Hand sanitizer is available, and an emergency porta-potty is on site.  Users will be asked to clean it after use so that it is sanitized for the next user. If you choose to bring your pets, we ask that you keep them leased at all times, and please take them away from the seating areas for pet relieving.

We recognize that as a church family we are all at different stages of opinions about this situation. However, we believe that we are best serving our church by taking the necessary steps to come together in a safe and responsible manner. We have spent many hours in conducting research, listening to church members’ concerns and assessing current local, state and national requirements, along with all NAD and NCC guidelines. In addition, we have very carefully and prayerfully created this plan, and we are adapting it as new information and regulations become available.

We understand that not everyone may be ready to join us just yet, and we recognize that this choice is not always an easy one. We miss each other as a church family, but it is very important that each one of you makes your own decision for your return to an in-person worship service based upon what is best for you and your family. We support your personal choice in this matter. We also want to be clear that individual choices for when someone returns in person as well as how they return is perfectly acceptable.  We respectfully ask that you do not impose your own guidelines and perspectives about personal safety on others.