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Prayer is a powerful gift of God to human beings. God wants to hear from us. He considers us His children and He wants us to be friends. Like most Protestants, Adventists recognize that anyone can approach God in prayer. You don’t need to be “religious.” You don’t have to use “churchy” language. You certainly don’t need to be perfect or sinless, because we’re all sinners. You only have to want to have a relationship with God. You can talk to Him just like you would talk to a human friend.

Still, sometimes it’s comforting to know that others are also carrying your burden to God. The Paradise Adventist Church has a prayer team organized for just that purpose. If you’d like us to pray for your concerns, please give us some details below.

(This form is monitored by the Prayer Ministries Leader. Please specify whether you would like her to share your request with church leadership, or whether you would like to keep your request private.)

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